mod_socket_policy_server - An Adobe® Socket Policy Server

mod_socket_policy_server is an Apache™ module for serving Adobe® socket policy files.

Adobe Flash Player (since version will not open a socket connection to a server unless the server first authorizes the connection via an Adobe socket policy. This module serves these policies. (Adobe uses a non-standard protocol for serving these policies, hence the existence of this module.)

Among other applications, the ability to create a listening socket is useful for sending real-time updates to web applications (the server can push data to the listening socket instead of waiting for the client to poll and pull).


Source files and compiled packages are available in the Downloads directory.


On Debian systems:

On other Linux systems:

On Windows:

Configure the server

The default configuration is well-commented. You can the find the default configuration in:




Test the server

When using the default configuration on Debian, you can test the installation using:

And the server should respond with the configured socket policy. If the server does not respond as expected:

Configure the socket policy

Adobe socket policies are configured using XML. A selection of pre-configured socket policies are available in /usr/share/libapache2-mod-socket-policy-server/socket-policy/





For more information about socket policies in particular, and cross domain policies in general, refer to the Adobe Cross Domain Policy File Specification.

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